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How to watch NRL free Online

Welcome to Watch NRL Live Online for free page.  On this pages we detail how you can watch NRL and all the sports  around the world.

Follow these steps and you will be able to watch NRL live.


1.  Visit the website link given below.  http://www.kakibara.com/

2. (You will be taken to the homepage of www.kakibara.com) Scroll and view the game you would like to watch

 3.On the homepages you will see the draws of games that are listed for live streaming (Click on the game you want to watch.

 4. You will be greeted by some advertisements inframes. (ignore them by clicking on X or close buttons.

 5. If  the game you want is not listed on the homepage, select the TV channels on the menu tabs (Ex. Channel 1, Channel 2 etc)

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