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Raiders stumped by 2013 away record

Canberra are unsure why they can t convert their home game winning streak into success on the road.

Canberra props Brett White and Dane Tilse say they have no idea why the Raiders can't convert their hot NRL home game winning streak into success on the road.
The side has won eight games at Canberra Stadium in a row - including all four in 2013 - yet have been victorious in just the one game from six on the road in 2013.
"If you know, let us know," White told reporters.
He points out that just one extra away win would have them in fifth or sixth spot.
Instead they're currently in the bottom half of the pack in ninth place.
White says it's the opposite to the problems the team faced last season where they won more than half of their away games with seven wins from 13 matc
"We were really good on the road and had our problems at home," he said.
"We put a lot of focus into making sure we were up for home games and unfortunately our away games have slipped back.
Tilse was equally stumped when asked about the anomaly.
"The preparation is always very important and we get everything sorted while we're away with our hydration tests and that sort of stuff," he said.
"It's more an attitude thing on the day, I think."
The Raiders head to Brookvale Oval on Saturday to take on a Manly side coming off the back of a 10-10 draw against Melbourne in a game where they made the most tackles in NRL history.
Despite the Sea Eagles also being faced with a short turnaround, Tilse said he didn't think that would play a significant part in helping the Raiders improve their away record.
"There's a bit of talk with having a short week that it's harder to prepare," he said.
"But sometimes I think it's easier because you don't do near as much volume at training. So if they knock that back I'm sure they'll be fresh come game time."
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