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Fan Questions with James Segeyaro

Fan Questions with James Segeyaro
Jame Segeyaro in action. Image credit: penrithpanthers.com.au
Fan Questions with James Segeyaro
Q. How excited are you about the prospect of representing PNG at the Rugby League WC this year?
A. Very excited, I’ve represented PNG before and if I get the chance to represent PNG in the World Cup I can’t wait. It will be a privilege again to honour my country and to follow in my Dad’s footsteps as he also represented PNG in rugby league.
Jennifer Short ?

Q. What do like best about the move to Penrith? What has been the most challenging about your move?
A. The best part is the people of Penrith, the fans have been so welcoming. I also love Sydney and meeting new people. The most challenging part is the Sydney traffic.
Ricky Geerin
Q. Who gave you the nickname 'chicko' or was it self-appointed?
A. It was from my under 13’s club coach when I was a young fella and it has just stuck ever since then.
Q. Who hits harder Docker or Plum and would u ever run straight at them?
A. I would have to say Plummy but only just….I wouldn’t’ run straight at them, I’m glad I am playing with them and not against them!
Ashley Brewin ?
Q. Hey James, Who was your idol growing up?
A. Darren Lockyer, I loved watching him play when I was growing up.
Simon Masterton
Q. What do your successes mean to PNG, James? How important is league in building better communities up there?
A. It means a lot to me because I want to make a difference in PNG, not just through my footy. If I can use my status in any way to help build better communities and move the country forward in any way I would love to be a part of it.
Justin Todd
Q. How have you adapted to life in Penrith and can you see yourself playing out your career here?
A. Yes I can see myself playing out my career at the Panthers. I’m really enjoying my time here, I’m playing the best footy I have ever played so I don’t want to change that.
Bryce Simon
Q. I'm from PNG and I’m so proud of him especially being a die hard Panther through and through... Just want to ask what club has he played for here in PNG?
A. Thanks for your support. I haven’t played in PNG but the club that I would play for would have to be the same as my Dad’s club which was Goroka Lahanis or where my Mum comes from, the Rabaul Gurias.
Andrew French
Q. Being new to the club do you like the direction in which the club is heading? Do you see lots of positives on the horizon?
A. Yes I definitely like the direction the club is heading. That’s a big reason in why I came here as I see the Panthers being a very successful club. The club is only going to go up from here and that’s what I want to be a part of.
Jake Bradley
Q. Who is the player you have most connected with whist at the Panthers?
A. Everyone has been really open at the Panthers. There are no real clicks or groups so I’m pretty close to everyone. The people I spend the most time with would have to be Lewis Brown and Josh Mansour. I’ve also known Mosese Pangai for a long time so he is a very good mate of mine.
Mark Jaffa Lafferty
Q. What’s your favourite music! What do you listen to before a game to pump yourself up?
A. I like to listen to a bit of alternate music. On game day I like to listen to some house music. Just before the game I’ll listen to a bit of rap, Drake is one of my favourites. This music pumps me up before a game.
Cheers for all of the questions guys, hope to see some of you at the game this weekend and then back at home after the bye.
source: penrithpanthers,com.au
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