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Mal Meninga of any wrongdoing in Brisbane bar

Mal Meninga. Image credit. 2gb.com
Queensland coach Mal Meninga has been cleared by the NRL integrity unit of any wrongdoing after he was asked to leave a Brisbane hotel on Tuesday night.
The newly formed unit reviewed a report from the Queensland Rugby League and conducted their own interviews into the incident and found Meninga had no case to answer.
"The inquiries found no suggestion of intoxicated or anti-social behaviour that would warrant further action," the NRL said in a statement on Thursday evening.
Earlier, despite admitting he broke team protocol by being asked to leave the hotel, Meninga blamed the media for creating yet another off-field rugby league controversy.

Hours after declaring he was fed up with rugby league's image being tarnished by alcohol-related off-field behaviour, Meninga earned the ire of staff at a Brisbane CBD hotel as the Maroons celebrated the 30th birthdays of skipper Cameron Smith and full-back Billy Slater.
Staff intervened and told Meninga to leave after he stepped behind a service area asking for a beer at around 1:00am AEST on Wednesday morning.
Meninga fronted a media conference at the Queensland team's Sunshine Coast camp on Thursday morning to acknowledge the incident, then took aim at the media, accusing them of blowing it out of proportion.
"When national TV uses it as a lead story this morning I find it quite ludicrous really," he said.
"I am a little bit disappointed with the way it has been managed by the media to be honest.
"I know I have said some things in recent times about behaviour, about acting responsibly, but I thought I did that.
"It was very, very minor. Now all of a sudden it is national news. I think it is a bit silly."
Nothing in it .
Meninga admitted he broke the team's "culture of trust" with his hotel gaffe but was gobsmacked the incident had been added to the code's long list of off-field scandals by the media.
Those scandals include the indecent assault charge against NSW winger Blake Ferguson and high range drink driving charge against NSW prop James Tamou, both of whom have been suspended.
"That's the whole issue isn't it, about what happened to me and trying to lump it in with all the bad behaviour that is happening in the game," he said.
"It's disappointing because I haven't been charged with anything.
"There was no confrontation - I didn't do anything wrong really.
"I wasn't intoxicated. I wasn't assisted from the bar. I left on my own accord ...I did what I thought was the right thing to do."
Meninga scoffed at suggestions the team should not have been at a backpackers bar in the early hours of the morning after recent events.

"Please. Who in this audience hasn't been out at one o'clock in the morning celebrating a milestone?" he said.

"I know we've got responsibilities. But it's about being treated as an adult. As long as you are accountable for your own actions.

"That's why I'm standing here today. I'm being accountable, I'm being honest.

"I did the wrong thing, I stepped behind the bar, that's it."


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