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QLD great Wally Lewis slams Blues attempt to influence referees ahead of Origin series decider

ORIGIN royalty Wally Lewis has launched an extraordinary attack on the Blues' attempts to influence the referees ahead of Wednesday night's series decider.

Much of the talk before game two centred on who would get the rub of the green at Suncorp Stadium as both sides jockeyed for favours from whistleblowers.

Ahead of one of Origin's biggest ever clashes, NSW coach Laurie Daley amped up the spotlight on officials by stating: "Being at home, you'd like to think that you might get a few of those (calls) go your way.''
Lewis said he was gobsmacked by the coach's plea for aid at ANZ Stadium.
"That will do me,'' the Maroons great told Sky Sports Radio.
"That's as good as I've heard. That's just saying, 'Mate, we're playing in Sydney so you've got to give us a few penalties'.

"It just astounds me how they make this accusation about Queenslanders getting all the calls from referees.
"Queensland haven't had a (local) referee since Eddie Ward refereed and I think that was in 1997, or '96.
"So don't tell us (about getting favourable calls). We can't even get a Queensland referee appointed to a State of Origin game.
"I've basically had a gutful of the accusations that Queenslanders get the good calls from the referees.''

The former Queensland captain claimed the Maroons had built their seven-year dominance of the interstate clashes by playing better footy, not relying on referees.
"If you dictate terms out in the middle, it doesn't matter what the opposition come up with or what the referees decide, you're going to get there,'' he said.
"You've got to control the game to the best of your ability and play the game.''
Home team Queensland won the penalty count 8-5 in game two, when it stormed to a 26-6 victory to set up the series decider.
NSW claimed a 7-5 penalty count victory in Origin I.

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