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Canada Rise to 16th in RLIF World Rankings

Toronto) Canada has climbed to 16th in the RLIF World Rankings.  Other big movers were the Netherlands who went from 29th to 25th in the rankings, as well as the Cook Islands who started the year ranked 12th now find themselves World Cup bound but in 18th in the Rankings table. Rivals USA stay steady at 12th while Jamaica moves from 22nd to 21st. 

After only 3 years in existence Canada's national Rugby League team has impressed thoroughly since entering the world stage.  CRL Chairman Eric Perez had this to say. "We are extremely pleased at the progress of the Wolverines program in 2013.  Coach Lester and the players have done a bang up job and we will be looking to finish the year on a high with a victory over our bitter rivals the USA.  It's great to be ranked 16th and its our goal to be in the top ten in the next couple of years."  

With the 2013 Rugby League World Cup looming in the fall, Canada has set its sights on qualification for the 2017 tournament.  Only time will tell if they can qualify and show the world what Canadian rugby league is all about. 
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