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Queensland Rugby League weighs into penis biting claim

QRL is monitoring a claim that ex-NRL player Anthony Watts bit another player during a match on the Gold CoastThe Queensland Rugby League is monitoring an investigation into an on-field claim that ex-NRL player Anthony Watts bit another player on the penis during a melee in the Gold Coast competition.

A Bilambil player pulled down his shorts and alerted match officials to the alleged attack after the first-half brawl sparked by Tugun's Watts in the Gold Coast Rugby League Bycroft Cup preliminary final on Sunday.

The player declined to make an official complaint but GCRL operations manager Tom Marzella confirmed footage of the match was being reviewed and charges could be laid if there was sufficient evidence.

Watts, who played for Sydney Roosters as hooker, appeared before media in Brisbane on Monday with his solicitor Mark Williams to deny the allegation.

William said Watts "absolutely denies that any biting of any nature has taken place. Now, if there has been any contact made to that particular area of this gentleman's body, our client apologises."

Williams said rugby league was a full contact professional sport and contact was made during play to all parts of people's bodies.

"Whether it is real or imagined, contact can occur and that is a very real risk," he said.

Marzella said the QRL had asked to be kept up to date with the investigation owing to the allegation's seriousness.

"We will know more tomorrow," he added. "We have to wait for reports from match officials and the clubs involved before the judiciary panel meets this afternoon to review the situation.

"It can't move ahead until then. Like any biting charge, while this is a little more unusual, we just have to follow procedure."

Conclusive evidence may be difficult to find as only one video camera was used at the match.

In June, ex-North Queensland and Sydney Roosters utility Watts confirmed he had given up on an NRL comeback and that he had become a member of Gold Coast bikie gang the Finks.

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