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Samoa wins gold in Rugby Sevens in Mini Pacific Games in Wallis and Futuna

The Fiji sevens team -was made to realize that you need more than just prayers to win at an international meet as Samoa thumped Fiji 31-12 in the final of the rugby sevens at the Pacific Mini Games this afternoon.

Samoa scored four unanswered tries to lead 24-0 in the first half.

After the Donasio Ratubuli got one back but soon after Samoa pounced on a loose ball which Fiji players were standing and watching to score under the post.

Captain Benito Masilevu then scored the last try of the game.

Fiji’s downfall was individualism, ball handling, poor form in set pieces and poor tackling. It seemed that a Samoan player on average broke at least one tackle before being brought down. Fiji also fatigued as they had brought only nine players. It was a limp way for Alfereti Dere to end his reign as coach of the Fiji 7s squad. The FRU are expecting to announce the new coach in the next week.

On the flip side, the new Samoa coach Punivalu starts his reign with an important development victory for a Samoan side that will be looking to defend their title at Dubai 7s in the 2nd round of the HSBC World Sevens Series.

It was the same story on Day One as Samoa topped the pool stages after a 19.12 victory over their Fijian rivals. They were joined in the semi-finals by Tonga and PNG 

Day One Results

SAMOA vs TUVALU : 34 - 0 
FIDJI vs W&F : 34 – 0
TONGA vs NC : 14 – 7
SAMOA vs PNG : 40 – 0
FIDJI vs TUVALU : 55 – 0
TONGA vs W&F : 21 – 0
PNG vs NC : 26-14
FIJI vs TONGA : 24-0
WF vs TUVALU : 10-12
SAMOA vs NC : 66-0
TONGA vs TUVALU : 57 - 0
PNG vs WF : 46-0
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