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PNG Kumuls Coaching Director. Mal Meninga. EMTV Photo
Team Kumul Coaching Director, Mal Meninga says Rugby League has been on its knees for years and PNG cannot expect miracles overnight.
Meninga issued a two page statement yesterday to clear the air on all the critics in the Media, following the Kumuls loss to the Australians in the Prime Minister’s XIII Challenge.

Meninga has come out strongly defending if not throwing his support behind the current team, administrators and the Government for their backing.

The question being asked by many Papua New Guineans and Rugby League followers: ‘What went wrong with Team Kumul’s performance?’  Meninga says the people of PNG need to be patient and allow Team Kumul to build their program then judge them.

Meninga says this is a five year plan and only one promise can be made and that’s with the right  structures, programs and people, Rugby League can achieve what every supporter wants.

In Meninga’s opinion based on his association with PNG over the past 20 years, the standard of the game has decreased badly and the quality of National players had declined.

Meninga says players need to be nurtured, educated and trained.

They need more than just turning up to a game and be expected to beat the best in the World.

Meninga further added that as adults, parents, teachers and supporters, everyone needs to have faith in the team’s endeavors and not tear them down at every opportunity.

Meninga has appealed to the people of PNG and Rugby League followers to realize that one win doesn’t make a season nor does one loss make it a failure.

In the meantime, PNGRFL Deputy Chairman Sandis Tsaka responded to Timothy Lepa’s statement in the National Newspaper yesterday, claiming that the final World Cup team was the doing of the coaching stuff and not the National Selectors.

Deputy Chairman Tsaka says it’s time to start managing RUGBY League properly for the sake of the players and Lepa’s claims were untrue as it was a team effort to finalize Team Kumul to the World Cup.

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