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New Caledonia push ahead with preparations for 2015 Pacific Games

New Caledonia is pushing ahead with their preparations for the 2015 Pacific Games with a 3 men delegation led by Secretary General and Chef de Mission of Team New Caledonia Christophe Dabin visiting Port Moresby.

They met with the PNG Olympic Committee, GOC and other stakeholders. Their visit was pur-posely to prepare logistics and gather required information about the Games for Team New Caledonia. Games Organising Committee’s CEO Peter Stewart says New Caledonia is the first country to send its advance team in preparation for next years Games.

“We are glad to have New Caledonia’s advance team come this early to prepare for their team’s participation in the 2015 Games. Having an advance party from a participating country come to Port Moresby to see for themselves the preparations is welcoming and demonstrates the enthusiasm, drive and the momentum that New Caledonia has in preparing for next years Games.

Port Moresby will be centre stage for one of the regions greatest sport-ing event and I am certain they will gather all the required information their team need to participate in the Games”.

Head of delegation and New Caledonia Olympic Committee Secretary General and Chef de Mission Christophe Dabin said, they are impressed with preparations for the Games, especially the huge task put in by the Games Organising Committee to get everything to be ready for next year. In the land of the unexpected, it is always good to visit and asses against expectations.
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