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PNG Mosquitoes bury India

The MVIL PNG Mosquitoes team  is making waves at the International Cup in Melbourne, Australia thrashing India in the second pool match 33.18.216 to nil.

This was their second win in the competition after beating Japan Samurais earlier with a whopping 29.19.163 to 1.0.6.

Mosquitoes played a  clean and slick game against the Indians who were not capable of breaking through the Mozzies’ defence.

Mozzies were well-coordinated with their ball play, good rotation, slick moves and with an extremely positive discipline, scoring in an avalanche against the young Indians with their 33 goals and 18 behinds, while the Indians in only their second attempt at the Cup competition could not register one score.

The team spread well and ran hard, not only playing with pride for their country but also their fellow team mates.

Outstanding players include Amua Pirika, Brandon Beno and Emmaus Wartovo.

The team played a hard, uncompromising brand of football which should send tremors through the rest of the competition.

PNG takes on South Africa in their next game this Saturday. It’s going to be a tough encounter with South Africa also a strong team in their pool, winning their last two matches as well.

PNG is in a pool with Pakistan, Tonga, Japan, India and South Africa with the Mozzies and South Africans leading the points ladder in their pool.
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