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South Sydney Rabbitohs stood down Cody Walker

The South Sydney Rabbitohs have stood down player Cody Walker indefinitely following two charges over

an alleged incident in October.

Walker was charged with Stalk or intimidate intending to cause fear of physical or mental harm (domestic

violence offence) and common assault (domestic violence related).

Walker informed the Club of the incident at the time and the Rabbitohs informed the NRL Integrity Unit of

the incident immediately.

The Rabbitohs have stood down Walker from all duties with the Club including training and he has not been

permitted to fly to the United States with the team for the high altitude camp.

The Rabbitohs are reviewing all of the information in conjunction with the NRL Integrity Unit and any further

decisions in regards to this situation will be made following the completion of those investigations.

Walker is newly signed to the Rabbitohs and the incident is alleged to have occurred before his contract

began with the Club. Walker has not played in the NRL to date.

The Club will make no further comment at this stage.
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