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Cook Islands to name Rugby League coach for 2017 World Cup Campaign

Cook Islands Rugby League are hoping to appoint a head coach in the new year to lead their 2017 World Cup qualification campaign. David Fairleigh was in charge up until the end of last year and guided the Kukis to their first ever win at a World Cup against Wales.
The position has remained vacant this year with the worlds 17th-ranked team not involed in the recent international window.
The President of Cook Islands Rugby League, Charles Carlson, says a replacement should be confirmed shortly.
"David stood down at the end of the World Cup. He was with us for four years and actually did a fantastic job with leading the Cook Islands, so we will be looking for a new coach to take us into the next period leading up to the World Cup 2017.
"We're sort of putting the feelers out and we'd really like to get that person on board and we had registered a few interest [and] hopefully we will make that decision early January."
The Cook Islands are due to begin their World Cup qualifying campaign late next year against Tonga and Papua New Guinea.
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