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Hunt on for Hawks

HUNTERS coach Michael Marum says his side is expecting its toughest challenge against Queensland Cup pace-setters, the Townsville Blackhawks, tomorrow.
“It’s a big game for us because we’re up against the best side in the competition,” Marum said of his side’s Round 11 fixture at Jack Manski Oval in Townsville.
“They’re a big team with a lot of experience all over the park and a win against them at their home ground will give us a big boost.” The Blackhawks have former Kumul Neville Costigan leading the team’s charge to the top of the Q-Cup ladder with nine wins from 10 matches. They sit on top of the ladder with 18 points while the SP-sponsored side is in fifth place with 14 points from seven wins.
“Neville (Costigan) will lead them well but we’ll have to basically get off to a strong start to lay a foundation from the opening whistle.
“It’s going to come down to possession for us and we just have to hold on to the ball and not turn it over so much or Neville and his boys will run us over.
“If we hold on to the ball and keep turning them around in defence eventually it’s going to tell on them.
“Neville probably can only play 20 minutes anyway, so if we can keep our share of possession, I’m sure we have the players to score points.    
“We don’t want to let them get off to a lead and put tries on us because against the Hawks, that will put us under a lot of pressure to catch up.
“That is definitely something we don not want to do.”
Marum said his side had not spent a lot of time in training, with most of their preparation geared towards recovery.
“We’ve only had two sessions but the rest of the last four days have been spent on recovery.” The 41-year-old said he will continue with his ploy of running an extra half on the field to give his side more avenues to first receivers and organisers.
Hunters: 1. Stargroth Amean 2. Bland Abavu 3. Noel Zeming 4. Thompson Teteh 5.  Adex Wera 6. Israel Eliab (c) 7. Ase Boas 8. Henry Wan 9. Wartovo Puara Jr 10. Esau Siune 11. Kato Ottio 12. Lawrence Tu’u 13. Adam Korave 14. Atte Bina 15. Warren Glare 16. Willie Minoga 17. Enock Maki 18. Roger Laka
Blackhawks: 1. Jahrome Hughes 2. Zac Santo 3. Samsen O’Neill 4. Kyle Feldt 5. Lenny Magey 6. Tom Humble 7. Mitchell Seri 8. Ricky Thorby 9. Anthony Mitchell 10. Daniel Beasley (c) 11. Lorenzo Ma’afu 12. Rhyse Martin 13. Neville Costigan 14. Nathan Norford 15. Chris McLean 16. Noel Underwood 17. Corey Jensen 18. Jack Kelleher

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