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NRL : Napa, Thaiday clash after controversial tackle

Sydney Roosters coach Trent Robinson has labelled the decision to sin-bin Dylan Napa for using his head in a tackle on Korbin Sims as "a horrible call" and "a gross error".

Napa was sin-binned late on with the scores locked 22-22 when his head made contact with the head of Sims as he went in to make a tackle.

The collision forced Sims from the field.

Instead of a penalty to the Broncos, Robinson said the Roosters should have been awarded a scrum feed.

Minutes later Jamayne Isaako scored the winner for Brisbane with two minutes left on the clock.

"It was the wrong call, pretty simply,'' Robinson said.

''Obviously, it was a call from the bunker which was very disappointing.

"I've watched it quite a bit and Dylan was about to make the left shoulder tackle.

''Korbin sees he's about to make that left shoulder tackle, and is about to run into his left shoulder, so he steps off the right and rolls out ... and he contacts the back of Dylan Napa's head.

"It happens in our game and it is unfortunate for Korbin, but it's not a penalty or a sin-bin. It's a horrible call."

Robinson said officials had ruled Napa "intentionally went to knock him out with his head".

"It's just wrong," he said.

"It shouldn't have been a penalty. This happens all the time. It was accidental contact with the head and should have been a scrum to us with six minutes to go.

"It's no-one's fault. Dylan is going to be physical and you are allowed to be physical.

"There's other issues why we didn't win the game but that's a gross error and unacceptable at this level."

The match was a classic battle with none better than that between Roosters left centre Latrell Mitchell and Broncos right centre James Roberts.

Roberts got Brisbane back into the game with a 70m classic in the second half.

"Latrell had his measure in the first half and James had his measure in the second half. That's how it looked," Robinson said.

"It was a big play to get back to 22-all and well done to James. That was a high-quality play. He had to make everything of it and he did."

Leading 22-16, the Roosters appeared to have the momentum and be on their way to victory.

"We were in a good position there to finish off the game and we didn't finish it off," Robinson said.

Source/Photo: QRL
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